Yankee Connections to 2014 World Series Teams

The Yankees did not make the 2014 World Series and have just two members of their all time roster participating as players in this year’s Fall Classic, both with the Royals; Raul Ibanez & Jayson Nix. Ex Yankee closer Dave Righetti is the Giants’ very successful pitching coach. There have been however, many former and current Yankees who also played for the Royals or Giants. Here’s my all-time lineups for such players:

All Time Lineup of Yankees who were also Royals
1b Steve Balboni
2b Chuck Knoblauch
3b Wilson Betemit
SS Bucky Dent
C   Don Slaught
OF Carlos Beltran
OF Lou Piniella
OF Johnny Damon
DH Raul Ibanez
P   David Cone, Lary Gura
CL Steve Farr
MGR Dick Howser

All Time Lineup of Yankees who were also Giants
1b Dave Kingman
2b Jose Vizcaino
3b Jim Ray Hart
SS Hal Lanier
C   Chris Stewart
OF Bobby Bonds
OF Bobby Murcer
OF Melky Cabrera
DH Jack Clark
P   Don Larsen
CL Dave Righetti
MGR John McGraw

New York Yankees Born in October

Frankie copy 2My name is Francesca Cinquanti. My Poppi writes this Pinstripe Birthday Blog.

Poppi’s a big Yankee fan, so big that he’s taken the time to sort the entire all-time Yankee roster by birth dates. He then started this blog and every day of the year, he’d post a story about the Yankee player born on that day.

Poppi’s all-time lineup of Yankees with October birthdays looks like this:
1B – Joe Pepitone
2B – Robinson Cano
3B – Red Rolfe
SS – Frank Crosetti
C – Joe Girardi
OF – Mickey Rivers
OF – Mickey Mantle
OF – Dave Winfield
DH – Dr. Bobby Brown
P – Whitey Ford
RP – Joe Page
MGR – Wild Bill Donovan

If you want to find out what Yankees were born on your birthday and learn more about them,  enter the date in the search box underneath the ad that appears in the right hand column of this page and click the “search” button. The WordPress search engine that is provided with this blog has some design inefficiencies. For example if you enter the date “October 2″ your search results will start with a player born on October 29 at the top and you’ll have to keep scrolling down through the results to find October 2 birthday celebrants. This will be true for any search you do for the first three days of every month.  (You can also search by the player’s name.)

On most dates, more than one Yankee celebrates a birthday so be sure to keep clicking on the “older posts” links that appear at the bottom of your search results to make sure you find every Yankee born on that date.

I’m being raised a Yankee fan. Even my first name has something to do with the Bronx Bombers. My Nonni was watching a Yankee game on TV a few years ago and asked my Poppi who the Yankee catcher was. When my Poppi told her the guy’s name was Francisco Cervelli, Nonni called my Mommy and Daddy to ask them if they liked the name Francesca for the new baby girl they were expecting. All I can say is I’m thankful it wasn’t Yogi Berra behind the plate that night.

July 2 – Happy Birthday Hal Reniff

When relief ace, Luis Arroyo hurt his arm during the 1962 season, the Yankee bullpen struggled to make up for the devastating loss. The front office decided to go into New York’s farm system to find a successor and his name was Hal Reniff. A pudgy right-hander nicknamed “Porky,” Reniff responded well to the challenge.

Reniff, who had been born in Ohio but grew up in California, had been a starter in the Yankee farm system and a good one at that. He had won 20-games for New York’s Class C team in Modesto, CA. But when he went to spring training with the parent club in 1961, then Manager Ralph Houk told him he wanted Reniff to become a reliever. At first, the pitcher resisted but when Houk made it clear the choice was the Yankee bullpen or back to the minors, he made the switch.

After getting sent back down to Richmond to work on the transition, he was recalled to the Bronx that June and put together a strong half-season for that ’61 Yankee team. He appeared in 25 games, won both his decisions, saved two and compiled a stingy 2.58 ERA. But he didn’t make that year’s Yankees’ World Series roster and then spent most of the following season in the military, while Arroyo’s arm was shutting down.

Returning to full-time action the following year, he won 4 and saved 18, establishing himself as Houk’s best reliever on that 1963 Yankee pennant-winning team. He then pitched brilliantly in the ’63 World Series with little fanfare as his three scoreless and hitless innings of relief were lost in the Dodgers four-straight-game destruction of the Yankees in that Fall Classic.

The following year, Reniff developed some arm problems and Yogi Berra began using Pete Mikkelsen as his closer. When Mikkelsen faltered, the Yankees brought in Pedro Ramos. Still, Hal pitched well when called upon. His seven-season pinstripe career ended in 1967 with 41 career saves and an 18-21 Yankee record, when he was sold to the cross-town Mets. When the Amazin’s released him, Reniff returned to the Yankee farm system, pitching for Syracuse for five more seasons until he hung up his glove for good.

In an interview for Maury Allen’s book Yankees, Where have You Gone, Reniff told the author his best friend on the Yankees was Roger Maris. Like Maris, Reniff was mostly quiet and reserved during his playing days. He liked to do his job and go home and he hated all the media attention the Yankees attracted wherever they went.

Reniff shares his July 2nd birthday with this former AL Rookie of the Year and MVP who is now referred to as “The Chemist.”

1961 NYY 2 0 1.000 2.58 25 0 16 0 0 2 45.1 31 14 13 1 31 21 1.368
1962 NYY 0 0 7.36 2 0 0 0 0 0 3.2 6 3 3 0 5 1 3.000
1963 NYY 4 3 .571 2.62 48 0 30 0 0 18 89.1 63 31 26 3 42 56 1.175
1964 NYY 6 4 .600 3.12 41 0 27 0 0 9 69.1 47 26 24 3 30 38 1.111
1965 NYY 3 4 .429 3.80 51 0 19 0 0 3 85.1 74 40 36 4 48 74 1.430
1966 NYY 3 7 .300 3.21 56 0 29 0 0 9 95.1 80 37 34 2 49 79 1.353
1967 NYY 0 2 .000 4.28 24 0 11 0 0 0 40.0 40 22 19 0 14 24 1.350
7 Yrs 21 23 .477 3.27 276 0 148 0 0 45 471.1 383 193 171 14 242 314 1.326
NYY (7 yrs) 18 20 .474 3.26 247 0 132 0 0 41 428.1 341 173 155 13 219 293 1.307
NYM (1 yr) 3 3 .500 3.35 29 0 16 0 0 4 43.0 42 20 16 1 23 21 1.512
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